Panel eigth: The role of the artist and the writer

17th NOV 2021 | 10.30 to 12.00 CET


The Arts and the press have a vital role to play, providing stimulating emotional links between the challenges which the Mediterranean face and the sensitivity of its people. The panel will explore the importance of art and communication and its capacity to involve all Mediterranean people in confronting the issues at hand.


Presenter: MARTA CASTILLO, Communications Officer, Revolve – AMWAJ Alliance


Speakers in this session:

MONTSE AGUER, Director, Dalí Museums, Fundació Gala-Dalí

TATIANA KOUROCHKINA, Director and Co-funder, Quoartis Foundation

MIGUEL MOLINA, Novelist, Writer and Deputy Director, “La Vanguardia” Newspaper

CHARLIE OTTLEY, Producer, Director, Travel Channel Presenter, TV Scriptwriter, Radio and press Journalist and conservationist, BBC and Netflix

Dr. NATALIA GLOWACKA, Artist and Scientist, Environmental Institute Bratislava

DAVID MAMMANO, Senior change management consultant and TEDxVarese organiser, Tedx Varese

JOSÉ CARLOS ESPINEL, Art Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts – Department of Sculpture and Art Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Communications Officer, Revolve – AMWAJ Alliance

Marta is a passionate communicator, who is driven by her interest in the Mediterranean region and her passion for storytelling. Prior to joining REVOLVE in 2020, Marta worked in the humanitarian sector in Lebanon for WeWorld-GVC. She holds a master’s degree in Euro-Mediterranean Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid (2017) and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (2016). She also worked for esglobal (the heiress of Foreign Policy España) and she has experience outside the Mediterranean region working in the European Parliament Liaison Office in London during the Brexit negotiations and the EU elections campaign in 2019.




Director, Dalí Museums, Fundació Gala-Dalí

Montse Aguer Teixidor is the current Director of the Dalí Museums at the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation. Graduated BA (Hons.) in Catalan Pholology at the Universitat Autònoma, Barcelona and PhD in Contemporary Art, she is one of the members of the institution that met Salvador Dalí personally. She has a long experience as a curator for exhibitions around Salvador Dalí and she’s the author of many articles published in press and she has participated in numerous catalogues.


Director and Co-funder, Quoartis Foundation

Art and Science curator and producer. Co-founder and director of Quo Artis, an international non-profit organization, based in Barcelona. This institution seeks to generate connections between Art, Science and Technology, acting as a bridge between professionals in these fields. Quo Artis curates, organizes and produces exhibitions, expeditions, conferences and workshops, as well as directing the production of projects on request and conducts research related to Art and Science.


Novelist, Writer and Deputy Director, “La Vanguardia” Newspaper

Miquel Molina Muntané (Barcelona, 1963) is a journalist and a novelist. Currently, he works as a deputy editor at La Vanguardia. He publishes every Sunday an opinion article on cities and culture. His non-fiction works are “L’Everest a l’hora punta (2007), “Alerta Barcelona” (2018), “Naturaleza muerta” (2020) and “Cinco horas en Venecia” (2020). He has also published the novels “Una flor del mal” (2014) and “La Sonámbula” (2018). His essay “Proyecto Barcelona” will be published at the end of this year. In 2010, Miquel Molina received the Non-Sexist Journalism Award, awarded by the Associació de Dones Periodistes de Catalunya.


Producer, Director, Travel Channel Presenter, TV Scriptwriter, Radio and press Journalist and conservationist, BBC and Netflix

Travel writer and presenter. After studying Theology at Bristol University and hitchhiking across Europe and Australia, Charlie spent two and a half years in sales and marketing before leaving his post as the youngest exhibition manager at BBC Haymarket Exhibitions to become a journalist. In 2020 Charlie received a special Tourism Award from the Ministry of Economics, Energy and Business for promoting Romania and he was made honourary citizen of Brasov by former mayor George Scripcaru. He is also a Lifetime Ambassador for Via Transilvanica and has worked closely with a number of other charities including FCC, ADEPT, MET, Architects Ambulance and Tasuleasa Social. Earlier this Charlie received THE ORDER OF ROMANIA, status of Knighthood for Cultural Services from President Klaus Iohannes. He remains a freelance journalist and contributor for The Dail Mail, Food and Travel Magazine, The Express, the BBC and many other media titles.


Artist and Scientist, Environmental Institute Bratislava

Dr. Natalia Glowacka, got her PhD degree in Environmental Management at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra with a specialisation on renewable energy production using algae biomass. Natalia has more than eight years experience in the field of environmental project management, both at national and international scale. She works currently at Environmental Institute (Kos, Slovakia). The focus of her work is besides the use of renewable energy sources employing algae biomass, on data flow management, but also the novel forms of citizen engagement for sustainability under the remits of the European Green Deal, context in which she is also consulted as an expert for the European Commission. She is co-designer of the so-called RENAISSANCE concept, where she developed the Science & Art component as part of the novel science diplomacy approach used by the EC Science Service, the Joint Research Centre as well as UNEP’s World Water Quality Alliance. Her focus was in particular to address the dimension of gender-related aspects in a multicultural environment. Natalia is also co-author of the Urban Water Atlas for Europe and co-editor of the forthcoming Gateway to the Future of the Mediterranean, a novel and interactive publication from the European Commission and the Union for the Mediterranean.


Senior change management consultant and TEDxVarese organiser, Tedx Varese

I have a degree in business communication and marketing management. As consultant, I deal with change, internal and external communication and impact driven methodologies and approaches. I am among the contributors of the book “Brand Renaissance. New techniques to revolutionize organizational communication” (Franco Angeli Editore, Italy, 2020). I am the founder of Innovation Garden, the event format that encourages a culture of innovation and impact in communities. Since 2017 I have been organizing the international conference TEDxVarese. Starting from 2020, TEDxVarese organises the Countdown event, a TED’s global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis involving also scientists and artists.


Art Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts – Department of Sculpture and Art Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

José Carlos Espinel is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and professor, with a particular interest in mixing digital and traditional technologies. His research and artistic interest are focused on ecology and social justice, and this is clearly reflected in his most recent works, exhibitions, publications and conferences. He is a founding member of The Algae Society, an international group of artists, scientists and scholars, focused on cooperate, experiment, design and exhibit work related to climate change and ocean acidification ( ). He is also founding member of the “Arte, Tecnología y Compromiso Social – ARTECO” research group at Complutense University of Madrid.



Paleoartist trained in Fine Arts with a specialisation in Paleontology. His work is focused on the investigation of current and extinct organisms, to develop sculptures that rigorously reconstruct the appearance based on scientific research. He has been a beneficiary of the summer artistic creation scholarship programme offered by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), where he also has worked as Honorary Collaborator in the Faculty of Fine Arts. He has also made several publications and workshops related to Earth Sciences, in addition to group art exhibitions, among them the “Entanglements” show, which was part of the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference (COP25).

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