Scientific, technological, and socio-political answers to climate change and health, migration, conflict and gender inequality in the Mediterranean

No other region in the World can claim such a prominent role in the development of human society as the Mediterranean. The lands which surround this comparatively small area of sea have witnessed the birth of civilizations, the fall of empires, the creation and the clash of religions which have conquered the hearts and souls of people around the globe.

It is also a perfect reflection of the deeply established political, ideological, religious, environmental and economic conflicts which the World faces. No region better describes the issues that we as a global community must overcome and no region is more suited to becoming the cradle and inspiration of new approaches to the four issues which this conference seeks to bring to public attention.

If society truly believes that in the light of increasing environmental, geopolitical and demographic factors the principal challenge facing the modern world is the creation of a sustainable global community based on equality of race, gender and individual identity as defined by the European Union within its search for a twin transition to a green and digital economy, then it is essential that an ample, heterogeneous social audience composed of all parts of the Quintuple Helix, with distinct levels of scientific comprehension ranging from the concerned but hitherto uninformed layman, the professional stakeholder, the political decision maker and the specialised scientific and technical expert be informed of the broad global issues which must be addressed, each person according to their needs.



Each aspect of the conference entitled CASSANDRA 2021 will be presented employing three principal pillars which collectively are called the TAP:

  • Technology and Science which offers scientific answers to challenges concerned with Climate Change, Mass Migration due to both developing natural conditions and armed conflict and the role of women in both the development of technology and as a beneficiary of the subsequent effects will be examined.
  • The Arts will be employed in order to provide stimulating visual content presented in parallel to the oral content of the event. Consisting of an Art Exhibition, jointly organised with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, it will connect technology detail to emotional, Mediterranean cultural stimuli in order to create Awareness.
  • Climate Change, health, Migration, Conflict and Gender are about People. Men and Women. The complex interrelationship between the identified factors will be explored and the seeds of long-term visions converted into effective Policies will be presented.


  • TECHNOLOGICAL AND SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES: To demonstrate the latest technological and scientific advances which can provide solutions and progress regarding the pathway of Climate Change and Health, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality, both separately and as a whole, contributing to proactive planning and policy co-creation that will be essential to mitigate the potential impacts on health resulting from climate change, leading potentially to migration, conflict and the exasperation of the secondary status of women throughout the Mediterranean region
  • CLIMATE CHANGE, MIGRATION, CONFLICT AND GENDER: To establish the interrelation between the issues of Climate Change, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality, the political and social consequences of these issues and the subsequent defence of human rights.
  • GLOBAL APPROACH: To encourage a global approach to the identified challenges employing Technology, Art and Policy whilst promoting inter-sectoral collaboration, recognition, engagement, empathy and dialogue. This is known as Science-Art-Sustainability Diplomacy.
  • LEADING  RESEARCH: To establish the Mediterranean Region as a leader in science and technology addressing the relationship between Climate Change and Health, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality.
  • DISSEMINATION: To publish the considerations of the conference in a book which will be disseminated on open-source platforms.