PANEL SEVEN: Data to action – Knowledge to effect

14th NOV 2023 | 14.00 to 16.30 CET


Data to Action is a process whereby raw data is collected and analysed to inform decision-making and actionable tasks by communities at a local, sub-national, national and supranational level. The process involves identifying patterns or trends, making decisions and subsequently acting based on the proven results of monitoring and investigation. There exist many scientific and technological solutions to identified problems. But how can data be converted into action and how can knowledge be converted into tangible, in situ improvement? The panel will demonstrate the latest technological and scientific advances which can provide solutions and progress regarding the pathway of Climate Change and Health, Migration, Conflict and Gender Inequality, both separately and as a whole. Science must assume its role as an independent, non-political leader in the resolution of social crises. Solutions concerning water, air quality, food production, transport, residues, energy and soil, will be presented.

Speakers will be announced shortly